Big Freedia Hits Seattle this Week as she brings her ‘BOUNCE’ to the Neptune on November 6th.

by MK Scott

Fresh off the release of her Asylum Records debut EP, 3rd Ward Bounce, and a European summer tour, the Queen of Bounce, BIG FREEDIA brings her BOUNCE to Seattle’s Neptune Theater on Election Night.

It’s hard not to feel Freedia’s presence in pop culture. In addition to high-level appearances on culturally-defining tracks and a string of her own impacting releases, Freedia has become one of the strongest voices from the South, in part thanks to ‘Big Freedia Bounces Back’ on Fuse TV, a weekly docu-series that’s been on for six seasons and become the network’s highest-rated original series.

In addition to living life as a member of the LGBTQ community, she’s consistently used her music to lift listeners of all gender and sexual identity, using music as a bridge to unite. “I’m a voice for different communities,” she says. “Live your life and live the best way you know how. Love whoever you choose to love. Be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do. It’s a much broader mission for me to encourage people all over—not just the LGBTQ community but heterosexuals as well to live out they life loud and proud.”

MK Scott: Welcome to Seattle have you ever played here before? If so what do you like most about Seattle?

Big Freedia: Oh yes, Seattle was one of the first cities I ever toured in and I have a special place in my heart for Seattle!

MK: Actually we almost met at the 2014 GLADD awards in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton, but I think I was talking to Rita Moreno at the time so I missed you I am excited that I get a chance to chat with you now specially now that you are heading to Seattle for a big tour. What kind of stuff should we expect on your tour and stop in Seattle?

BF: What they always get from a Big Freedia show: a lit show, a party, tons of fun, and a release from the current state of world affairs!

MK: Now you’re kind of like RuPaul, you are a proud Gay man and you’re not transgender, but you do perform in Drag was RuPaul a huge influence on you?


BF: I don’t perform in drag, but RuPaul was my biggest influence as a kid. All hail to the original! I love Ru!


MK: Now you are more into hip-hop, actually Bounce music, then RuPaul’s sound? You also released a new Album, Three Ward Bounce…


BF: Yes, available in Spotify now.


MK: Who else influenced you?


BF: My influences are: Patti Labelle, Beyonce, Drake, Michael Jackson, Prince


MK: You even had a reality show called, Big Freedia, the house of Bounce on Fuse, what did you enjoy most from that experience? Who would want to work with that you haven’t yet?


BF: There are so many artists who I’d love to work with: Elton John, Snoop Dog, Rhianna are just a few.


MK: Last question do you have a comment about Donald Trump?


BF: My comment is GET OUT AN VOTE THIS TUESDAY! We can’t afford to sit back.


BIG FREEDIA with Tank and the Bangas Hits Seattle on Tue, Nov 5th at the Neptune. The Show is Sold Out.

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