Coalition announces “Queer the Census WA 2020” campaign to boost LGBTQ+ participation in upcoming census

SEATTLE  – On January 21, 2020, a coalition of 14 LGBTQ+ community organizations [launched] a website highlighting the importance of LGBTQ+ people filling out the 2020 Census. addresses the challenges that LGBTQ+ people face with the 2020 census and provides practical strategies in navigating the census form. The [website], called Queer the Census Washington, is in Spanish and English and accommodates unique features for community members living with disabilities.

The US Census affects many government functions, especially for marginalized LGBTQ+ individuals, including distribution of government funds that ensure communities receive critical needed services in different sectors such as, urban planning, health, education, fair representation in elections, and determination of redistricting. For example, after the 2010 census, Washington state added a congressional seat, increasing its representation from nine seats in Congress to ten.

“The current president and his administration are doing everything possible to deny the significance of the LGTB community in our society, including slashing the funding of important government programs, like providing service to people living with HIV/AIDS,” said Fernando Luna of Entre Hermanos, one of the coalition partners. “It is essential that every LGBTQ+ persons stand up and be counted to ensure equitable distribution of funding and the provision of social services.”

The Washington coalition includes the following:

o Alliance of People with disAbilities

o Black Lives Matter

o Entre Hermanos

o Gay City

o Gender Justice League

o Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA)

o Ingersoll Gender Center

o LGBTQ Allyship

o National LGBTQ Task Force

o Peer Seattle

o POCAAN (People of Color Against AIDS Network)

o Q-Law Foundation

o South King County LGBTQ Task Force

o Seattle UTOPIA

For the most up-to-date LGBTQ+ census events, latest census info, and culturally relevant LGBTQ+ strategies in being counted, visit

Queer the Census Washington coalition deploys LGBTQ leaders and organizations to strategize, plan, and collaborate around the 2020 census with an intersectional equity lens that will guide strategies toward increasing LGBTQ+ participation in Washington State.

Courtesy of the GSBA

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