COVID-19 hits Capitol Hill

by MK Scott 

Things got real in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood this past week when one business after another closed temporarily due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) statewide quarantine. It was also apparent that Harborview Medical has put up tents at their front door to offer medical assistance. From the Pike/Pine Corridor, we spotted boards going up on Queer/Bar, Lost Lake, Comet, Odd Fellows cafe and more. This is the New Normal, let us hope this ends quickly and these businesses survive. In the meantime, some places are offering takeout, delivery, and curbside pick-up options including Olmstead’s, Julia’s, Capitol Cider, Terra Plata, Rione XIII, Tavolata, Mamnoon, Cone & Steiner, Optimism Brewing Company, and more.

Photos by Ernie Lou


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