Cyndi Lauper on Trump, #MeToo and opening for Rod Stewart on Saturday, Sept. 1st in Auburn

by MK Scott

Cyndi Lauper is still a legend after 35 years since her breakthrough album, She so Unusual. I last communicated with her four years ago, while she was on tour with Cher’s Dressed to Kill Tour. Now Lauper, 65 (yes, really) is teaming up with Rod Stewart and hitting the Seattle area on September 1st at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn. After four years, Lauper opened Kinky Boots in London, and is currently writing another Broadway show. Lately Lauper has been active with the #MeToo movement and has opened up about a personal issue. I chatted with her this week by email.

MK Scott: Had the pleasure of chatting with you over 4 years ago, just before you came to town with Cher. Now you will be back with Rod Stewart. How did that come about? Cyndi Lauper: We had a really good time that summer and when Live Nation came back to us this year and offered us another run, we both thought why not. Rod and I have so much fun touring together. We actually have a great deal in common. So that helps and we both love to perform. Our bands and crews get on great so it’s just a very positive tour and that energy is shared with audiences every night.

MK: I am shocked that you and Rod have never collaborated in music together. Is that a possibility in the future?

CL: Yea, it’s funny! We met a few times in the ’80s but really didn’t see each other again until 2016. But ya never know. Rod has a new album coming out next month called Blood Red Roses and its really great. But maybe one day. We are just so busy with our own projects and the tour right now.

MK: You are also celebrating the 35th anniversary of your debut album, She’s So Unusual. Are you More Unusual or Less?

CL: Am I unusual?

MK: When you were here in 2014, it made our Pride so memorable with you singing ‘True Colors’ draped in a rainbow flag. Lately you have been very vocal about the #MeToo movement and everyone was moved by your ‘United’ performance of ‘Praying’ at the Grammys.

CL: It was really special to be part of Kesha’s performance at the Grammy’s and to share the stage with Andra, Bebe & Camilla. They are all amazing artists and I think for all of us to stand tall behind Kesha to show our support shows where we all are where it comes to Times Up and Me Too. We support our sisters. I support all of my sisters. Times Up!! Until we are all equal regardless of gender, race, religion we will always have strife and chaos. I know I am sick of the cruelty and immorality and prejudice.

MK: Kinky Boots was a smash in London and now we hear you are working on the music for Working Girl – the musical. What is up with that?

CL: We are in the middle of it. Sorry, but I can’t share too much at the moment. The piece is in great shape and [I’m] super excited about it. I’m taking a break to be on the road with Rod right now, but will be back in the studio by Fall & Winter. It’s going to have it all – heart, a message, and uplifting music to make you cry, laugh and dance.

MK: As a psoriasis sufferer myself, I thank you for being a familiar face on those COSENTYX commercials. Does it work?

CL: Of course! I would not be a supporter if I didn’t believe in it. Cosentyx allows me to work. I really really suffered and since I have been on it I have been clear for 3 years.

MK: BURNING QUESTION: Trump ‘fired’ you when you were on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in 2010. What would you say to him today?

CL: Your turn’s next!

Look for Cyndi Lauper to open for Rod Stewart on Saturday, Sept. 1st at 7:30pm at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn. Go to for tickets.

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