Despite a late start, DeadMau5 well worth the wait

by MK Scott

I admit I had never heard of DeadMau5 until a year ago when my fiancé showed me a music video. Upon doing research, I discovered that recent characters such as Daft Punk as well as Marshmello all credit DeadMau5 (The mouse head persona of Canadian DJ, Joel Zimmerman). For nearly 20 years, he has performed as the crazy mouse.

On Thursday, December 19th, Zimmerman returned to Seattle to take over the WaMu Theater but when got there, we settled in a giant space with limited seating and 2 hours of a Rave-like setting (certainly not your typical concert with the likes of an hour long set by Japanese DJ, soothing Qrion (not much of a beat), followed by another hour of the repetitive sounds of MSTR KRFT.

It was almost 10pm, when Zimmerman appeared on stage with an incredible visual light show. Zimmerman was behind a cube, and when it slowly opened, it revealed the Mouse head, worn by Zimmerman with green light coming from his eyes.

Hits included (2016’s) “No Problem”, “Suckfest9001”, “Maths” and my personal favorite, “Ghosts N Stuff” (with recorded vocals by Rob Swire).

Soon followed were “Cthulhu Sleeps”, “Imaginary Friends”, “Avaritia”, and “Where Phantoms Sleep”.

The audience matched the same symbolism of his videos, with all types of young, old, body types, disabled, genders, all who dabble in Cosplay, HP Lovecraft and more. The show continued with the Ray Bradbury tribute of “The Veldt” (deadmau5 vs Eric Prydz remix), followed by “Strobe”, “Nosedive” and the always hysterical (yet disturbing) “Monophobia” (also with recorded vocals by Rob Swire).

I managed to visit YouTube to familiarize myself with his music before the concert, and I liked what I saw. Even though I had to wait 2 hours for him to take the stage, it was certainly worth the wait for this instant fan.

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