EMPIRE Star, Serayah, Headlines Club Silverstone Pride Street party on July 14th

by MK Scott

It was a year ago when I interviewed, Mya who was set to headline the Pride party at Tacoma’s Club Silverstone. Now, that time has come again and this time they got nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Serayah, star of the hit TV show Empire!

With their strongest lineup yet, this year promises to be one for the ages! I had to chance to reach out to Empire star, about music, pride and acting, by email. 

MK Scott: Serayah, Welcome to Tacoma! I know you are scheduled to perform at the Pride Party at Club Silverstone, What can we look forward to? 

Serayah: New songs and getting to know Serayah vs Tiana on empire ! 

MK: What does Pride mean to you? 

Serayah: It’s a celebration of being your true authentic self. Showing support Without judgment or second thought. It always amazing to see so much positive energy and people creating memories that last forever. 

MK: You have been part of the cast of ‘Empire’ for the last 3 seasons, what has been the best part of being in the show? 

Serayah: I have been able to reach a vast amount of adults and kids. And it’s always amazing to see their reactions and know that I give them happiness every Wednesday lol!

MK: Who has been the most inspiring? Taraji, Jussie or Lee? 

Serayah: Taraji has definitely given me advice. And just seeing her work is eye opening for me. There’s so much creativity and assurance in her work. That I aspire to have. 

MK: What is next for you? Film, more Music? 

Serayah: Music! I’m dropping more music than I ever have and it feels so good! My new single is out now called “So Good” produced by Jo Blaq and the video will be released in July as well! Album on the way. 

MK: What advice would you tell youth about America under Trump? 

Serayah: Don’t be led into violent thoughts and actions.  Have a heart, continue to care about others before your self, It’s more rewarding that way. Also let’s stop with the racism we are a world full of amazing people don’t let old ignorance scare you from living your life and actually enjoying it.

The Club Silverstone Pride Street Party begins on Sat, July 14th at 5p. Hosted by non other than local Seattle Favorite Honey Bucket. Featuring special performances by Beth Anne Sacks and Dutchess Beck! Back for another year of mixing and spinning on the outside stage, Kidd Madonny! With DJ sets by both DJ Yanni and our resident house DJ Midnight Mike – After Dark Entertainment!

The party moves inside at midnight and will be going until 2:00am. Tickets are $20.00 at the door starting at 2pm. 21+ only with a valid photo ID! Message us or call the nightclub at 253.404.0273 with any additional questions!

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