Erasure at Moore Theatre: The gayest party of the year

by MK Scott

On Tuesday, August 14, a sold out Moore Theatre, welcomed the iconic ’80s Synthpop duo of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, Erasure, back in Seattle after seven years. It was in October 2011, when I attended their Tomorrow’s World Tour and met Andy Bell backstage after the show.

For the World Be Gone Tour the opening act was the duo of Reed and Caroline’s Dance/Electronic who were a perfect match for Erasure’s Synthpop style. The mostly gay, audience was instantly smitten with this duo, while I became a fan.

With a neon-lit set Bell was flanked by backup singers while Clarke was perched above him with his keyboards and occasional guitar. The neon lights would change color(s) throughout the concert for an incredible light show.

The concert featured classic songs like ‘Oh L’Amour,’ ‘Breathe,’ and ‘Chains of Love’ and new songs including ‘World Be Gone’ and ‘Just a Little Love.’

More classic hits followed with ‘Ship of Fools,’ ‘Victim of Love,’ and ‘Blue Savannah.’ The audience roared during the 1991 dance hit, ‘Love to Hate You.’

Then they performed a cover of Blondie’s ‘Atomic’ followed by their 2009 remix version of their own ‘Phantom Bride.’

The finale included classics like ‘Drama!,’ ‘Sometimes,’ and ‘Always’ plus the recent, ‘Love You to the Sky.’

‘Stop!’ was the last song of the concert before their encore of ‘A Little Respect.’ Bell at 54, and Clarke (young at 58) still look good for their age with youthful energy. Seeing Erasure once will make you a fan and seeing them again will solidfy it.

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