Four drag stars shared the stage in ‘National Treasures’

by MK Scott

The ‘National Treasures’ tour landed at Seattle’s Egyptian Theatre last Thursday (June 21) with three iconic drag queens and one rising star. I am talking about Bianca Del Rio (‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 winner) along with the legendary Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine all performing for the full house.

After years of seeing each of these outrageous queens separately, seeing them together was hysterical! Combining all four of their acts into one variety show was a brilliant idea with four times the funny.

Imagine that three of those legends have been working for nearly 30 years using their pure talent and did not need ‘Drag Race’ to further their careers, but they are glad that the interest in drag shows is bigger than ever. Bunny, Jackie, and Sherry did what they do best by singing parody songs like, ‘Bitch, I got you, Bitch’; Del Rio provided campy dialogue and tasteless one-liners as she does best.

‘National Treasures’ was sensational and was the perfect way to start Pride Weekend.

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