{ICYMI} Haulston Mann Packs a Punch in the New Season of the LGBTQ web series History

by George Nelson

History is the popular LGBTQ series that chronicles the struggles many thirtysomething gay men face as a result of growing up in a hetero world. Each episode confronts complex issues such as gender roles, toxic masculinity, rejection, loyalty, and whether baggage from our past can ever be overcome.

In its third season, now streaming on YouTube and Necessaryoutlet.com, we meet muscle stud Haulston Mann, who plays Brandon, the cocky game-player looking to wheedle his way into Jamie and Mark’s up-until-now monogamous relationship. Is three company or is it a crowd? Tune in to find out!

We spoke with Haulston about landing the role in History and what it took to get that all-Mann body.

George Nelson: It’s our fitness issue so, first thing first, how did you acquire that body?

Haulston Mann: Massive amounts of self-loathing. Kidding! Mostly. I have always enjoyed physical challenges, and when I really got into doing workout programs, I’d daydream I was an action movie hero or in an edgy new production of Macbeth or something like that. I find that when you find a way to have fun while working out, you can take it to the next level.

GN: Do you give yourself a cheat day?

HM: I used to count every single macronutrient I took in every day. That led to a lot of anxiety. Now I eat more instinctively and trust what my body is telling me.

GN: What’s your favorite part on your body?

HM: I try to see my body as a whole. I don’t find it very helpful to compartmentalize it into better or worse parts.

GN: Is there a part you like working out most?

HM: My preference is more in how I work out. I’m a big fan of old-school bodybuilding programs, especially powerlifting. I like to focus on mind-muscle connection and how small changes can hit muscles at different angles or impact blood flow. That kind of stuff is really exciting to me. The one thing I don’t enjoy is high-intensity cardio-focused workouts, because they don’t make me feel strong or connected to my body.

GN: What are your favorite exercises?

HM: High cable curls, the dumbbell Scott press for my shoulders, pull-ups (I like to play with different grips and tempos), and rock climbing. And lately I’ve been practicing handstands. It’s actually been a fun way to develop a sense for where my body is in space and finding my center of gravity.

GN: Do your muscles hurt or help your acting career?

HM: They totally help when it’s written into the character, like it was for Brandon in History. Other than that, I don’t think they’ve hindered me much. When I don’t book a gig, I don’t blame my physique. I believe it’s because my energy didn’t fit what casting had in mind.

GN: How did you land the role in History?

HM: I submitted my headshot, résumé, and reel. I think we did two rounds of taped auditions. Then I met Jack Tracy, the director, in person and read a few scenes. We clicked, and the next thing I knew, I was offered the role.

GN: What do you think about your character?

HM: Brandon is a charming guy. Who doesn’t like a little charm now and then? But he doesn’t know what it means to have a deep and meaningful connection with someone.

GN: How are you similar to him?

HM: We’re both playful people, but Brandon is more focused on momentary pleasure and excitement. True connections are the meat of life for me.

GN: What would surprise fans of the show most about you?

HM: As a side hustle, I teach people how to shoot a bow and throw knives and hatchets.

GN: You make out with Jack Tracy in the show. Between us, is he a good kisser?

HM: I’m a Southern gentleman! I don’t kiss and tell.


In its third season, HISTORY, now streaming on YouTube and Necessaryoutlet.com,

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