{ICYMI} Partnership Through Business & Shared Values

by Chris Brown

We often see the true character of a person in crisis mode. It’s then that you realize that you can still communicate effectively, build on your shared values, and develop a long-term relationship.

This is how Bill Sechter and Alan Winningham, co-founders of ATLAS Workbase, came to know each other so well. Having worked together in crisis mode and realized that they have shared values, they have been able to build and develop new endeavors and sustain a long-term business relationship, one marked by expansion despite adversity.

Bill and Alan have been committed to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for the past 20 years, in both their work and personal lives. Early in his career, Bill found a home at corporate Kinko’s out of Dallas, with a focus primarily on sales and business development, but moved to Seattle in 2001 with his husband Chris, who was relocating for a position with Microsoft. Together, they support local nonprofit organizations like the Seattle Men’s Chorus, Diverse Harmony, and Camp Ten Trees.

Alan and his husband Ryan have been together over 20 years, with the majority of Alan’s professional career based out of Seattle with the the explosive growth that Seattle has been experiencing. Alan’s focus has been primarily working with businesses and landowners to work with the growth of downtown Seattle and surrounding areas. Alan and Ryan live in Seattle with their daughter, who is set to graduate high school this year.

After working on a project together, Alan and Bill found that they clicked as business partners, given Bill’s history in real estate development and sales management and Alan in real estate development. They decided to jump into the growing market of shared work environments and co-working spaces as a team when an opportunity presented itself a few years back. Thus ATLAS Workbase was born.

Located at 5th and Mercer in downtown Seattle, it has found its home in a mixed-used building with condo units on top and retail on the main floors. At the time ATLAS Workbase entered the market, there were many other brands in the competitive landscape. Bill and Alan knew they would need to utilize their experience in business development, sales management, construction, real estate development, and finance to set ATLAS Workbase apart.

ATLAS Workbase’s co-working environment model is designed to save customers money by offering a pay-for-what-you-use model. This is a dramatic advantage over its competitors, who may charge their customers for an empty room that is barely used. In addition, its flexible environment with top-of-the-line amenities—including open-plan co-working spaces, state-of-the-art private digital conference rooms, on-site showers, and gender-neutral restrooms—is another reason to visit, stay, and be productive at ATLAS Workbase.

The flexible workspace and co-working environment at ATLAS Workbase is built around the community footprint that it serves. Giving back is important to Alan and Bill. In the past year, ATLAS Workbase has offered its time, talent, and location to support the nonprofit community, including organizations like the GSBA, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, the Seattle Men’s and Women’s Choruses, the Special Olympics, and OutRight International.

The next steps for ATLAS Workbase are twofold. It is committed to serving the nearby community by expanding into an additional 6,000 square feet of retail space at the ground level at its current location. There is also a two-year plan in the works to expand into surrounding communities with spaces that will allow Alan and Bill to grow an appropriately sized footprint in smaller and mid-size communities outside Seattle, ensuring that people can both work and live in their own communities.

For details on how to book a tour or utilize a complimentary workday at ATLAS Workbase, visit ATLASWorkbase.com.

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