Lea Delaria with special guest, Kim Archer rocks Tacoma with Song and Laughter

by MK Scott

To kick off Tacoma Pride Weekend, I headed to the Rialto Theater last Friday (July 13) for an amazing night of radical music and comedy.

The headliner was queer comic legend and actress (Orange is the New Black, Edge of Seventeen) Lea Delaria, but first her opening act was Tacoma’s own singer-songwriter, Kim Archer.

With guitar in hand she commands the stage playing her own original songs, or conjuring up a whole new vibe on vintage hits so that they sound fresh and wonderfully different.

Archer looks like Oprah, but with the voice of Melissa Etheridge. This was perfect for the night before Etheridge’s concert at Tulalip Casino. Archer was uber-talented and rocked the house.

Lea Delaria, 60, came on like the raging radical dyke she is and went directly into a ‘FUCK Donald Trump’ tirade and then went into a ‘FUCK MIKE PENCE’ and even begged the guy in the front row take one for the team, ‘FUCK MIKE PENCE’!

In ‘A Man for All Seasons,’ DeLaria taught the audience how to create change in a conservative society while trudging upstream in a muddy bogged down river of political correctness.

Part College lecture, and part stand up, Delaria went even further when discussing Kellyanne Conway; comparing eating her out to eating a Triscuit.  

The most inspiring moment came when Delaria made her case using cue cards. If the queer community came together like with the fight against Prop 8 and DOMA, then we can easily defeat Trump, Kim Jung-un, SCOTUS nominee Bret Kavanaugh, ICE, etc. She tore each cue card up representing each obstacle we need to fight.

When she called for questions from the audience and one asked her most defining moment, she answered: when she was at the 1993 March on Washington and how she was then censured by congress.

There were comments from the audience showing their appreciation for the comic and noting this was probably the best political meeting they had been to in years, and that wasn’t really the intent, but it was and now it is time to fight.

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