LETTER OF INTENT from Rob Haggard-Bonesteel

Honored Board Members and Esteemed College Members,

Let this communication be considered my Letter of Intent for the purpose of being considered for the position of Rainier 46 of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle & the Olympic and Rainier Empire, Inc. (ISCSORE).

Personal: I have been working at Goodbye Graffiti as the Office Manager for three years. Goodbye Graffiti is a fifteen plus year small business who has been gracious in donating to and attending events for ISCSORE. My employment is secure. They are aware of my intentions for the next year and support my philanthropic efforts. I currently reside in Seattle; King County; near Bitter Lake. I live with my partner Eric Bonesteel who has been Rainier 35, 40 and currently 45.

I am actively involved in the Seattle community through:

o Seattle Men in Leather

o Knights of Mantra

o Washington State Leather Organization

o Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

o Sea-Pah (Seattle Pups and Handlers)

o Seattle Quake

o Emerald City Softball Association

o Pride Organization

History: I have been a member of the International Court System for almost 15 years. Of those years, prior to relocating to Seattle, I resided in Las Vegas where I reigned four times as Emperor and have been a member of ISCSORE during the last 5 years. I have included a Letter in Good Standing from the Court of Las Vegas.

During my time with ISCSORE, I have held a board seat as well as appointed titles in four of the last five reigns. I have been a key person in driving the success of several events including the Gay Seattle, King and Queen of Hearts, King and Queen of the Seas, and other pageants; Wild Waves and assisting with Seattle Coronations.

Lastly, over the last year, I have stepped up as an Heir Apparent to Queen Mother Nicole the Great. I have carried this role and representation of Seattle to San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Calgary, Salt Lake City, Kentucky, Boise, Eugene, Washington D.C., Spokane, Portland and Las Vegas. I plan on continuing as Heir Apparent in the coming year

Mission: “Provide funds and services to other non-profits within the communities of Seattle throughout King and Island counties. Our organization strives for acceptance and equality for all citizen erasing hate, denigration and degradation resulting in the enhancements to our communities near and far.”

ISCSORE Mission Statement If elected, my mission is to celebrate the many Seattle communities and their diversity by attending and supporting local LGBTQIA non-profit organizations. In supporting these organizations, we can provide them with court knowledge, expand membership and create a synergy that will produce a combined effect of unity and support. In attending and supporting other organization fundraisers, it is my hope and ask that they will attend ours. I have seen this work with our own involvement with the Emerald City Softball Association and the team, Crown Royals. This relationship over the last year has been a great avenue for expanding exposure of the Court of Seattle and increasing memberships. We have worked together on Wild Waves, Coronation and car wash fundraisers.

A noticed challenge within our city of Seattle and the organizations, is the planning of events. I propose a joint meeting early in the year to compile a calendar of fundraisers so that we are not overlapping. This has been an ongoing issue, acknowledging and attempting a resolution of some stage.

Goals: My fundraising goal for my reign, should I be elected, is $100,000 of which 20% would be earmarked for the J.C./Lady Graytop Memorial Scholarship Fund. Attached is a full year proposed calendar with travel and events listed. Below is a proposed list of fundraisers/events, outside of those required, that I would like to hold during the 2020-2021 year include:

o Bi-Monthly Membership Drives

o St. Patrick’s Day Event – March 17

o Memorial Day BBQ – May 25

o Celebrate Daddy – Keg Party – June 20

o Scavenger Hunt/Dart Tournament- August 1

o Food Competitions – Mac It Till It Cheese’s – August 16

o End of Summer BBQ – September 7

o MuMu Show – September 12

o Food Competitions – Just Desserts – September 20

o Adopt a Family – Beginning of October for Thanksgiving 2020

o Clothing Drive – Beginning of October for Christmas 2020

o Wreath Auction/Holiday Show – December 12

o New Year’s Event – January 2

These are outside of any other events that the Imperial Family members would like to hold. These are flexible times of the year, as are my travel plans.

Monies raised during these events will be donated toward but not limited to:

o Dogtopia – Seattle

o Puget Sound Honor Flight

o Emerald City Softball Association

o Elizabeth Gregory House

o Ingersoll Gender Center

o Bailey-Boushay House

o Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – PANCAN

o JC/Lady Graytop Scholarship Fund

A few of these are new non-profit charities and I have included information on each of them.

My prospective travel plans are San Francisco, Vancouver, BC, Denver, Calgary, Vancouver, WA, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Boise, Everett, Eugene, Edmonton AB, Alaska, Spokane, Portland, Tacoma, Ogden, Las Vegas, Bellingham and Ft. Lauderdale. This is an existing goal; particularly because the 50th Anniversary is right around the corner.

Included with this letter is a proposed calendar reflecting travels, fundraising events and other organizations events where attendance by either Monarch(s) or Imperial Prince/Princess or Family Line. A proposed Operating Budget for the reign is included along with my option for Imperial Prince.

I acknowledge that I have received and read the current Operating Guidelines governing the office I am applying for and do hereby agree to follow said rules and regulations during the campaign. I further understand that any and all actions that are detrimental to this organization or the other candidates will be just cause for removal, whether discovered before or after the campaign begins, and will result in immediate disqualification by the Board of Directors.

I am excited for the upcoming year and making it a year to remember. I hope each of you will be there to support and be a part of Reign 49.

In Service to the Community and the Seattle Empire,

Rob Haggard-Bonesteel

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