Love, Chaos and Dinner returns: Same Tent, different location with the best of the best!

By MK Scott

Last year, around this time, I went and saw what was thought to be Teatro Zinzanni’s last show in Seattle. They occupied the same lot near Seattle Center for over a decade had been sold and then needed to fold up the tent and look for another location. Fortunately for them, King County offered a spot in Redmond’s Marymoor Park .

The show which made its return this past October is better than ever with the original magnificent, mysterious and magical Maitre d’, The Maestro, reacts by impressions and non-verbal snark-i-ness. Towards the end of the show the Maestro will demonstrate magic at each table from moving a fork to a pair of glasses.

Everyone’s favorite puppet lady, Svetlana is also back and plays a mechanical waitress with sensational movement.

Manuela Horn is a Austrian amazon with a talent in yodeling while other include Domitil (Acrobatic), and Elena (Gymnast) all competing for employee of the month award, with the Maestro always snagging it for himself.

Also included, despite not knowing how he fits into the original story, Cecil B. Degrille recruits random audience members to perform a little scene. One scene with an actual couple was actually kind of sweet.

Rounding out the cast as they continue to be the heart and soul of the show is the Duo Madrona, Ben plays a security guard, while Rachel plays a food critic as they fall in love and perform their always amazing trapeze act.

The 4 course meal prepared by Chef Jason Wilson is another great reason to attend Zinzanni. Wilson is the owner and chef of the Lakehouse Restaurant in Bellevue and certainly does not disappoint.

The show should do quite well at Marymoor with great parking just a few feet from the entrance. Don’t Stall, and go see them before they close on April 29th. Here is hoping the 20 year tradition continues next year.

Love, Chaos and Dinner at Teatro Zinzanni continues through April 29th at King County’s Marymoor Park. For tix and reservations go to

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