Major fallout from Meinert rape accusations

The fall out from David Meinert’s sexual misconduct and rape accusations continue.

In a message to Capitol Hill Blog,  this weekend, Burgess said that Meinert is “stepping away” from “our company.”

Effective immediately, David Meinert is stepping away from operations and management of our Company. Personally, I’m trying to get my thoughts together and process everything. However, right now my only focus is on my employees, how they are coping and how to support them.

After learning of allegations we immediately began exploring options to exit out David from his initial investment in Queer/Bar. Even though David was in no way involved in the decision making or day to day operation of the bar we felt that this was our only course of action. As of yesterday we have reached an agreement and David is no longer an investor or in any way affiliated with the amazing business and community resource our employees and team has made Queer/Bar become. This agreement cements my husband Murf Hall and myself as the sole owner and operators of Queer/Bar with no other parties involved.

It also has put the politically-inclined Meinert’s associates in elected offices on the defensive — King County Executive Down Constantine, for one, has vowed to return $5,000 in Meinert campaign contributions.

Meinert denied the specific allegations of rape and sexual assault in a lengthy response on Facebook. “I am sorry to the people I have hurt, and that my behavior has also impacted many people around me – my daughter, her mother, my girlfriend, family, friends, and the many amazing people who work for and with me, who I care deeply about,” he wrote.

Many feel the denial and apologies have not been enough.

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