Capitol Hill in 2020 - Pandemic, protests, and small businesses

For small businesses on Capitol Hill and across Seattle, two dates in 2020 symbolize the story of this oh-so-bad year: Monday, March 23, when Gov. Inslee announced a two-week shutdown of all nonessential businesses to curtail the spread of the coronavirus


IN MEMORIAM: Nora Ann Hempseed Michaels

December 29, 1947 - December 23, 2020 Nora Michaels was a highly respected performer on the Seattle music scene. She is best known for her masterful renditions of Edith Piaf's oeuvre, in particular her one-woman, self-penned tribute, "La Môme Piaf," for


Seattle Pride's Virtual St!tch & B!tch Community Sews 350+ Winter Clothing Items for LGBTQIA+ Homeless Youth

Seattle Pride hosted its first virtual St!tch & B!tch over the weekend where volunteers gathered virtually for an afternoon of trivia, conversation, and sewing as part of its new Pride is Visible initiative aimed at supporting vulnerable LGBTQIA+ communit


Delightfully silly Skyfire a volcanic gem of a disaster

SKYFIRE PVOD On a Tianhuo Island in the Pacific Rim, right in the middle of the "Ring of Fire," volcanologist XiaoMeng Li (Hannah Quinlivan) is putting the finishing touches on an early warning eruption system nicknamed "Zhuque." She is being financed by