Review: Lakewood Center’s Rocky Horror keeps the ‘Tradition’ ALIVE!

by MK Scott

I found myself back in Portland (this past weekend) seeing an old friend’s show that he directed. ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’, directed by John Oules, is currently at the Lake Oswego’s iconic Lakewood Center,  as it opened its 67th season. This was Oules’ second helmed ‘Horror’, the first was in 2014 for his production company, ‘Live on Stage’ as performed at Portland’ s World Trade Center theatre.

This infamous musical is written by Richard O’Brien, with musical direction by Darcy White and choreography by Kevin Paul Clark.

Compared to the 2014 production, the special effects as well as bags of props for selected audience participation, upgraded this production to a higher level.

The story is a wonderful homage to the 30’s & 40’s Sci-Fi/Horror flicks from Universal of the mad doctor and his minions and of the 50’s B, B&W movies of aliens invading earth and of Corman’s 60’s, low-budget flicks of mayhem and murder. And the setting is just like those old films: a creepy, old house in a desolate place on a stormy, dark night. And it even has a voice-over introduction, like many of those classics, from two narrators (Lisa Knox, Richard Warren).

It seems that a young, naïve couple, Brad (the geeky cute, Colin Kane) and Janet (Christine Greenhalgh) are to meet a scientist Dr. Scott (the Precise, Brian Burger), when their car breaks down in the forest. Finding shelter in a dilapidated mansion, they are wary of the odd butler that greets them, Riff Raff (Alec Lugo) and his two main minions, Magenta (Paige Hanna) and Columbia (Michaela George).

But then came, Dr. Frank N. Furter (the phenomenal, Nathan Wilson), a medical man with simple desires…to create a perfect man, Rocky (the gorgeous, Cade Holbrook)…for himself. But his true colors come out when he has to “sever” his relationships with an ole, rock-and-roll mate, Eddie (again, Burger). And then he tries seducing…well, just about everyone…

Lake Oswego’s Lakewood Center of the Arts’s Rocky Horror Picture Show continues through Ouctober 13th. Click HERE for more.


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