“Rock For Pride” unites the LGBTQIA+ community

by Jack Mozie

“Rock For Pride 2020 – At Home Edition,” will be a free broadcast dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community bringing you messages of love from community leaders, non-profits, drag performers, musicians, and more.

The artists featured in the broadcast include: Jack Mozie, Sarah Toce, Aleksa Manila, Gaysha Starr, Atasha Manila, LatinRose, La Gorda, Queen Andrew, Garlic Man, Lorenzo, Fast Nasties, Jon Noble, The Duchess, Niyah Marie Gonzales and Amora Dior Black.

“Rock For Pride” is a collaborative effort by non-profits, community groups, and artists in Washington and Oregon States, organized by Jack Mozie.

Supporting non-profits and community groups include: PFLAG Washington State Council, Seattle YMCA, The Seattle Lesbian, Seattle Women’s Pride, Entre Hermanos, Pride Asia, Somos Seattle, STIRY, and Northwest Queer Chorus.

As part of his commitment to the betterment of the LGBTQIA+ community, Jack Mozie is making “Rock For Pride” a free broadcast available on several platforms, including: YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, Facebook and Periscope.

Please go to www.jackmozie.com/rockforpride to set a reminder and watch. “Rock For Pride 2020 – At Home Edition” will broadcast on June 7th, 11am-1pm.

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