SEAMEC hosts Community Meeting on Saturday, March 7

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, at 3:00 pm, SEAMEC [Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee for the LGBTQ+ community] will hold a Community Meeting for the purpose of obtaining input from voters on the candidates and issues of concern for the 2020 elections. We will also have opportunities for people to sign up to help develop questions, interview candidates, assist with fundraising, and otherwise help SEAMEC do the job it’s been doing for 43 years, since 1977.

The Community Meeting will be at the Capitol Hill Branch of the Seattle Public Library, 425 Harvard Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98102, at 3:00 pm. The Library is located just west of the Broadway Market. Please join us at the meeting and bring someone with you. SEAMEC’s future depends on the younger generations participating in its work.

Your support for SEAMEC as a member has been invaluable, helping to ensure that our non-partisan, serious inquiry into the knowledge and actions of candidates impacting the issues and concerns of LGBTQ voters. If you haven’t already sent your $25 membership dues, it’s time to do so, to help maintain the organization’s ability to perform. You can pay your dues online at or mail a check to SEAMEC, 1122 E. Pike St. #901, Seattle, WA 98122.

SEAMEC’s Steering Committee is looking for new members. About this time of each year, we need to strengthen our governing body by adding people with particular skills, strengths, and knowledge. We are eager to find people with time to volunteer and help with organizational details, finance and reporting, maintaining confidential records, technology, and communicating with the public. We look to our members, our strongest supporters, to help spread the word so we can ensure another vigorous campaign of learning and revealing to the electorate where candidates stand on LGBTQ issues.

Thank you for your support of SEAMEC. We hope to see you at the March 7 Community Meeting.

Que, Roger, Herb, Jeff, Deborah, Norm
SEAMEC’s Steering Committee

Founding members return to SEAMEC board and ask you to join in support.

“Forty-three years ago, I learned SEAMEC needed volunteers to interview candidates for Seattle City offices. I got involved with the Evaluation Committee that did the first-ever interviewing and rating of candidates for Seattle offices to discover and report on their knowledge and actions concerning the needs of Lesbians and Gay men. After a few years as a SEAMEC leader, I became a SEAMEC user. Like thousands of other voters in our area, I look for the SEAMEC Ratings when I’m completing my ballot. Over the years, SEAMEC has expanded the races it covers. I rely on SEAMEC to tell me who the real friends of the LGBTQ community are when I cast my vote. I’ve re-joined the SEAMEC Steering Committee because I still believe strongly in the principle that our political influence as a community is best served by our having a non-partisan, well developed, and rigorous examination of the candidates. SEAMEC made the political community sit up and take notice in 1977. Join in supporting SEAMEC with your volunteered time, your financial support, and your interest in having the best information available to help you as you cast your vote in this critical year, not only for President, but for Congress, our State Legislature, and other offices that have an impact on our lives every day.” – Roger Winters, a founding member of SEAMEC

“We’ve come so far and yet its as important as ever to keep going.

“Although our most urgent issues change over time, for example we ask fewer questions about assaults, HIV, and needle exchange programs, we may ask more about PREP, women’s reproductive rights as anti-abortion laws sweep across the nation today and pay closer attention to Trans+ concerns.

“Our current president is proof our work is never done.

“We have to remember Hitler was supported and elected years before the fires, assignations and his murderous rampage across the globe.

“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely and because history repeats we should must remain vigilant!” – Jeff Phillips, a founding member of SNOMEC [Snohomish County] and returning to SEAMEC for a second time.

Courtesy of SEAMEC

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