She’s back! Ms. Pak-Man returns to Re-bar March 14-30

by MK Scott

Ms. Pak-Man: Mazed and Confused!, conceived and directed by Freddy Molitch, is the all-new and fifth installment of the critically acclaimed Ms. Pak-Man series. After wowing packed audiences in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Ms. Pak-Man is returning to Seattle with her cabaret style theatre experience!

Watch this world-renowned video game superstar of the 1980s pop power pills while she shares scandalous songs and stories about her life and loves& glitches and all!

It’s a hilarious night of comedy, confessions, camp and quarters. She sings! She dances! She drinks! She might black out! There’s a chance she won’t remember the show, but you will!

Starring Scott Shoemaker (Scott Shoemaker’s War on Christmas and BenDeLaCreme’s Beware the Terror of Gaylord Manor) as the loveable train-wreck, Ms. Pak-Man. With Erin Stewart and Amalia Larson as the amazing Ghostettes! Plus, a special guest appearance by Danny Kam!

I had a chance to chat with Shoemaker this week via Facebook.

MK Scott: Scott, your creation, Ms. Pak-Man is back. What can you tell me about this year’s show?

Scott Shoemaker: My partner Freddy Molitch (who is the head writer and director) and I are really excited about this year’s show because we’re adding some new elements and a special guest star (Danny Kam)! I can’t quite believe it, but this is our fifth year doing Ms. Pak-Man, and luckily we’re still finding lots of inspiration for the show. We pride ourselves on making all new material every year to keep people on their toes!

MK: What do you enjoy most about the character?

SS: I really enjoy what a mess she is and how terrible she can be while remaining sympathetic. There’s also this paradoxical freedom to the character; the makeup and costume are so intense that it becomes sort of a psychological suit of armor that allows me to lose myself and not feel self-conscious about doing more outrageous things. It’s especially fun to sing as the character because I can really let go and be a total weirdo. I also love being on stage with the Ghostettes, Erin Stewart and Amalia Larson. They are amazing and a vital part of the show.

MK: This past holiday season you debut’d a new show [War on Christmas] with a new character, How will you balance those two?

SS: The new Christmas show is a great opportunity to branch out and not get pigeon-holed as Ms. Pak-Man. As much as I love doing Ms. P., exclusively doing a character like her can be limiting. With the War on Christmas, I’m basically playing an extremely exaggerated version of myself, which is the complete opposite of Ms. Pak-Man, in that it’s a part that leaves me very vulnerable. Luckily though we have an amazing cast (Ade, Waxie Moon, Mandy Price and Faggedy Randy) that takes a lot of the pressure off of me, and allows me to dig in with Freddy to create the show. I’m really looking forward to doing the show again this winter to develop it even further. As far as balancing the two shows – it’s a lot of work and I go slightly crazy, but it’s worth it!

MK: I have told you previously that I see a lot of Dina Martina in Ms. Pak-Man. What has been the best advice (or inspiration) that Grady (Grady West – creator of Dina Martina) has given you?

SS: People have often made comparisons between Dina and Ms. Pak-Man, which is very flattering because Grady is one of my favorite performers ever, but both Grady and I have been a little puzzled by them, as our styles are very different – outside of having insane makeup, being in drag and working at Re-bar. That being said, Dina is a huge inspiration by simply existing. Grady’s career as a writer and performer are, in my opinion, singularly original and you can’t say that about many people. I would go so far as to say that his genius creation has actually elevated the art of drag, cabaret and fringe theater in this city and is definitely a big reason that Seattle’s drag scene is as insane and diverse as it is. He was also a big advocate of us doing the War on Christmas after he left Re-bar. I don’t think we would have even done a Christmas show without his support and encouragement.

MK: What will Ms. Pak-Man do next?

SS: More touring! We just played San Francisco for the second time last month, and we’re heading to LA for the second time in June. We’ve got our sights on some gigs back East as well, and basically want to take her wherever we can. It’s become much more than we ever thought it would, and we are excited for what the future holds for her!

Ms. Pak-Man: Mazed and Confused! has a little something for everyone. Video game geeks, drag/camp fans, ’80s aficionados, comedy lovers and boozy theatre-goers will all love this 8-bit diva’s antics! Hold onto your joysticks, it’s going to be a bumpy night!

Ms. Pak-Man: Mazed and Confused! appears at Re-bar (1114 Howell St.) Thurs-Saturday March 14-30. Tickets: $25 general, $30 first two rows reserved premium, $85 VIP table plus ticket fees at

and at the door, if available.

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