Singer/Songwriter, Lakin on Pride and who Inspires her

By MK Scott

Saturday, July 21st will mark the 4th Annual Alki Beach PRIDE with the years theme, COME OUT and Float at the Beach. From 11a to 6pm, join performers and FREE food and hang out at the beach. Hosted by Thadayus with music by DJ Ms Cruz Entertainment & DJ Fred Eddison and LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Louvel, Visage “Legs” LaRue, Izohnny, Lakin, and DeAndre Brackensick.

I admit I have never heard Lakin before but she is clearly an up and coming artist. According to her Bio: Originally from Riverside, California, up and coming artist Lakin is bringing a refreshing and new approach to her music. Growing up in an entertainment based household, it seemed destined for Lakin to follow her musical heritage. At the center of its meaning, however, Lakin’s music truly represents a revolution of the heart—singing about themes that go beyond the superficial, and into the deeper human experience of reconciliation of the soul. It is here that Lakin’s distinctiveness shines; where her music will surely penetrate beyond not only the listener’s ear, but into the listener’s heart.

Lakin has already opened for Sheryl Crow and Sheila E and with her debut album, ‘If Night Turns to Daylight’, she should totally get the party swinging.

MK Scott: So, you are coming the Alki Pride Beach Party this Saturday, what is planned?

Lakin: I will be playing an acoustic set with guitar and vocals this weekend.

MK: What does Pride mean to you?

Lakin: Pride is a privilege. The fact that we can celebrate who we are freely is something that I don’t take for granted. I’m happy to represent a small part of the LGBT+ community in this celebration.

MK: You have opened for Sheila E and Sheryl Crow, who in music inspires you?

Lakin: I’m inspired by any music maker who can tell their truth through song. I love singer/songwriters, especially, who are able to write about their own stories and bring them to life in the kind of music that people can relate to.

MK: What is next for you?

Lakin: I am currently in the middle of making my 2nd full length album! I think this collection of songs will be a very intimate look into the last season of my life & I’m excited to share that with my audience. The first single is set to be released in late this summer/early fall.

MK: Tell us little about your debut LP album, If Night Turns to Daylight?

Lakin: That album was my first full length album and I had the privilege of writing and producing all the songs on it. Musically, it was incredibly diverse. I really wanted to try a lot of different things to see how I could stretch myself musically. It will always be a special project to me.

MK: In your bio, it says that you have a voice sweeter than honey, what does that mean to you?

Lakin: I suppose that kind of description of my voice is what I hear the most from my audience! I’ve heard that I have a very non-offensive tone, which I’ll take any day.

See Lakin at 4th Annual Alki Beach PRIDE with the years theme, COME OUT and Float at the Beach. From 11a to 6pm, the event and food are FREE.

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