What does racism look like in 2021?

There are terms used to describe the racism plaguing our country that some may or may not have heard before, like systemic racism, structural racism, white privilege, and white fragility. They define the Black experience in America, but what do these term


Lambert House: Socially distanced but socially connected

Seattle has lots of resources for LGBTQ+ adults, but every confident Gay grown-up was most likely once an awkward or lonely Gay teen. And Lambert House has been helping to turn awkwardness and loneliness into confidence and community since its beginnings


Here are the brands supporting Seattle's Pride events this year

The last several years have seen an increase in brand support at Pride festivities. Come June, it's not hard to miss the rainbow billboards and plethora of corporates handing out branded Pride freebies at parades. There's good reason for the growing ire o


King's Books: The reading heart of Tacoma

Nestled on a quiet street in Tacoma sits a reader's paradise. As soon as one walks into King's Books, a sense of calm takes over. The quaint shop evokes home, from the friendly scent of worn pages to the quiet mews of the resident cat, Herbert.