The arts and LGBTQ community salute the life and laughs of Peggy Platt

by MK Scott

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house at ACT’s Falls Theatre on Monday, April 16 as the arts and LGBTQ community paid tribute to celebrated Seattle comic Peggy Platt, best known as half of the comedy duo Dos Fallopia along with Lisa Koch and their annual iteration of ‘Ham for the Holidays,’ who passed away on April 2.

The memorial was filled with both sadness and so much music and laughter.

So many spoke about their memories of Peggy, including Eric Des O’del, Andrew Tasakos, Grady West (Dina Martina), Michael Oaks, Lisa Koch and yes, the spirit of Peggy herself was everywhere.

Also spotted were Sylvia O’Stayformore, Clinton Jessee, Michael Strangeways, Maggie Bloodstone and more!

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