The WEAR Report: 2019 Met Gala

by Jill Wear


God Bless Gaga. She changed her outfit four times going down the carpet at the Met Gala. Campity camp camp camp!!! Fabulous.


Billy Preston, My King, My Queen, My Red Carpet Favorite. How do you top a fabulous cape at the Oscars? Entry on a litter and wings. THAT’S HOW. #MetGala #Camp


Cardi does not disappoint. It is….a lot of look. I’m pondering it still.

Laverne Cox is ready for her close up.


Janelle Monae brought the fashion thunder.

I will give Katy Perry this: she COMMITS. 

It’s a mf sparkle-off: Janet Mock vs. J Lo

Kacey Musgraves IS Barbie! OMG! That’s commitment to the theme.

Ezra Miller scoffs at your gender roles and view of reality. I heart this glorious, beautiful weirdo so much.

I’m not sure I get this? A+ for use of props, though?

I am enjoying these men having fun with their clothes. Men should be allowed to be over the top.






















Natasha Lyonne: If Judy Jetson had a starring role on Dynasty. This is amazing.

Somebody had to wear one of these Viktor and Rolf dresses. I do like her hair and make up, though.

I love this, but where is the camp? Do people know what it means?

OMG Bette Midler and her daughter! Just standing there, Bette Midler provides the camp for the whole place.

Miley Cyrus iszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

A) Kanye looks like her bodyguard. Nice of him to dress up.
B) Is she wearing an actual corset because I suspect that she cannot actually breathe in that.


This would have been cool at last year’s Met Gala. I like it, but I’m struggling with the camp.


This would have been so cool the year that superheroes were the theme.

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