Zinzanni Returns: Same Tent, different location with Christine Deaver and More in ‘Hollywood & Vine’.

By MK Scott

Two years, around this time, I went and saw what was thought to be Teatro Zinzanni’s last show in Seattle. Last year, with a smaller tent held space in Redmond’s Marymoor Park was still a great show and had the Zinzanni flare.

Now they have finally found a permanent home even further away in the wine country of Woodinvile in the old Red Hook Brewery just down the street from Chateau St. Michelle Winery.

The current show which made its return this past November is better than ever with Christine Deaver singing and playing 3 different Characters (Tina, Cash and Seve).

Tina along with her sisters played by Jen Ayers and Ariana Lallone arrive from New Jersey,  bound for Hollywood, but soon discover they are in the Hollywood District of Woodinville, WA complete with Lumber Jacks.

Audience participation was key to a good show with a Hollywood Trivia game hosted by Tina (Deaver) and more fun games later in the show.

Teatro ZinZanni – Hollywood and Vine from Teatro ZinZanni on Vimeo.

Also happening is a story of a Sous-Chef (Timber Brown) who dreams of being a flying trapeze artist, but his boss (Alesya Gulevich) always hassles him to get back to work.

It was also great to see Acrobatic, Domitil looking sharp and cute as this years Maitre d’, from being a waiter last year.  Ben Wendel (of Duo Madrona) played a lumberjack and traded his partner, Rachel, for the clown, Mick Holsbeke as they performed a Brokeback Mountain-inspired aerial act.

Deaver makes an appearance as Cowboy Cash, complete with fake chest hair, brings up two random guys and names one ‘Taylor’ and the other ‘Swift’ in which they both compete in more games.

Also worthy,  was seeing former PNB ballerina  (Lallone) join the Zinzanni family and the aerialist (Gulevich) along with Big Foot (Ian Green).

Finally, Deaver comes out looking gorgeous as the Serpent/Eve (Seve) and brings a lot of glamour and class to the show. Deaver’s energy and talents filled the whole tent.

The 4 course meal prepared by Chef Jason Wilson is another great reason to attend Zinzanni. Wilson is the owner and chef of the Lakehouse Restaurant in Bellevue and certainly does not disappoint. It was a great added bonus that they added Wine Flight with wine paired with each course.

Don’t Stall, and go see them before they close on April 28th.

Hollywood & Vine at Teatro Zinzanni continues through April 28th in Woodinville. For tix and reservations go to zinzanni.org.

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